<BGSOUND SRC= canondrock.mp3”> I am a John Doe Homeless... ON STRIKE against UNFAIR HOUSING COSTS!!?!

I am a John Doe Homeless... ON STRIKE against UNFAIR HOUSING COSTS!!?!

************** Either EXERCISE your Rights - or they will be EXORCISED!!! ************** **********************************************************************************

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I AM AN ACTIVIST... not by title or declaration, but by my activities for over 30 years, I fit that definition in its entirety, completely, and exactly! Having been regulated out of a 35 year old business, left me with NOTHING TO LOSE, A LOT OF TIME ON MY HANDS, AND A PISSED OFF ATTITUDE - The least I can do is be a thorn in the political bear’s side (or a loose cannon on a runaway train)!? - CALL ME KARMA WITH VENGEANCE! There is a difference between doing something ABOUT the homeless and FOR the homeless. The current economic trends did not JUST happen. . . but is JUST THE BEGINNING!!? Solutions can only be found by understanding the causes.

Thursday, February 2

How Homelessness Perpetuates Itself! (?)

A Homeless Reality - U.$.$.A.

 by   a John Doe Homeless 

The 60's taught us that a peaceable demonstration will work, re-enforced (if you recall) when CA Gov. Arnold S. was barnstormed by health care workers, schoolteachers, and fire dept. workers and the prompt reversal it created. Since its legal (and socially acceptable)consider a political force that we can compel being reckoned with. Public awareness needs raising that doing something about the homeless is not the same as doing something for the homeless!!

The complete official court transcript can be found here 
The 9th District Federal Court of Appeals 
includes the opinions of the judges. 

HOWEVER - . . . some areas in California (Sonoma County, L.A., and San Francisco) if not stupid stupid, then they are being soooo . . . arrogant as to continue to violate Civil Rights in this manner!! 
. . . and now the "Homeland Security" mentality is protecting WHOSE homeland while pissing off the rest of the world enough to cause such a wonderful life we have now realized!!!!!?????!!

Either EXERCISE your Rights 
they will be EXORCISED!!! 

  YOU are not alone!!?!